• 2nd of July  -  2nd of July 2017 Beer, BUTFF & Blow Football

    Whoever drinks a lot of alcohol never hopes to blow for a roadside test. But when the time does come, let's do it with full grace and power! So time to train those lungs! Fact: Good lung capacity contributes to better health, endurance and a longer life. And the longer we live, the more BUT movies we can watch! So, in view of our social responsibility and beer, we set our lungs and taste buds to work with the first ever BEER, BUTFF & BLOW FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT!

  • 1st of September  -  3rd of September 2017 BUT Game Jam 2017

    The biggest alternative film festival in the Netherlands is expanding with the introduction of the BUT Game Jam! In collaboration with NHTV Hogeschool, we challenge game developers to release all boundaries and develop a BUT-worthy game within 43 hours without a target group in mind, but to choose a more personal, instinctive and / or humor-based approach.