BUT Filmfestival 2024: Rebel HELL!

Rebel Hell

A spectre is haunting the 19th edition of BUT Filmfestival  … this year's theme is: REBEL HELL!!

"Because we are mad as hell and we won’t take it anymore!"

Come on, get up, stand up! After nineteen years of underground activities, the time is right to fight, so rebels unite! We will rail against the system, against the Man, against tyranny, oppression, against mass extinction, the banks, the government, bourgeois conventions, our parents, our schools, our prisons, our own bodies, you name it!

Enough is enough... Seize the means of rebellion! Get those tractors and block the roads, get those flags and burn them, go to the Bastille and storm it. Anything goes! Off with their heads! We’ll fight for slices of cake that we’ll never make… History only starts through revolt and revolution, yet always devours its children. Yes, it is ‘bellum omnium contra omnes’, all against all, a perpetual hell full of rebels. Divided we’ll stand, united we’ll fall! Can you dig it?!

More information about this year’s full festival program will be released the end of July and the beginning of august!


we will make sure you will get your juices pumped up with lots of program releases on the road to anarchy at the festival in the months ahead!


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                                  BE READY… YOU REBEL YOU!



Wed 28th of August, 19.00hrs.  -  Sun 1st of September, 23.45hrs.