Wed, 2 sept 2020


Sletlana, Openings Performance

Kostas Harlamov aka SletLana who are keeping the legacy of Pier Paolo Pasolini alive. ‘Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom’ was not just a film for her but a way to relate to the world through a politicized grotesqueness! She might not be to everyone’s taste but this post-human, acid pig is going to eat your pickles, instead of you eating her nipples.

Häxan - with Kevin Toma Live on piano + openings speeches

official part with speeches and performance
Followed by the screening Häxan

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BUT Film Festival is proud to host this remarkable one-of-a-kind 1922 classic and fully digitally restored film by the Danish director with the pious name Christensen. Probably meant as a warning it passionately elaborates on paganism and witchcraft rituals that it can be seen as an avantgarde manual for those trying to comfort our Dear Dark Lord.
The screening is part of our HOLY SHIT! program and is made possible bij Chassé Theater and the Swedish Film Institute. Pianist KEVIN TOMA will accompany this special screening with live piano music, samples, beats and soundscapes.

Benjamin Christensen
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