Shorts Blok 2: New Testament

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Block 2: New Testament

- Rotten Faith (9)
After losing their daughter and granddaughter to smallpox, an elderly couple sees their faith rot.
- Chowboys (8:30)
A couple of cowboys learn the true meaning of Christmas.
- La tueur du lac maudit (15)
A prowling killer disturbs a romantic weekend by the lake.
- The Legend of Rasputin (13)
The last days of Russia's "Mad Monk", Rasputin.
- The Little One (13)
A zombie black comedy about the overconsumption of social media.
- Eject (9)
Kate discovers a USB port in her wrist.
- The Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre (14)
A woman desperately struggles to survive a horde of men with frail ego's.
- Live Forever (4)
A musical tribute to the victims in horror films that didn't make it to the sequals.
- Polter (11)
José has to discover the secret behind a a paranormal event inside his home.