Right of Way

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Shorts Block 3 - The Nerds

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Thurs, 2 sept 2021
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The Nerds

This block is dedicated to the nerdy kids in high school. To the girl who had a panic attack when she scored 95% on a test instead of 100%. To the boy with braces and glasses so thick they could stop bullets. To the kid who was captain of the science club, the chess team and about 10 other after school activities. These short films are for them and for you!

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plaatje right of way
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Imagine a time in the not-too-distant future... a time in which humans are free to roam the streets, without masks, without social distance guidelines. Will it be a dream come true? Or will almost 2 years of quarantining cause us to be a society of bumbling fools? This film answers that question.

Brendan Beachman
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