I spit on your Grave

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Novelist Jennifer Hills travels from New York City to Louisiana to work on her next book in privacy. The gas station attendant, Johnny Stillman, gives her directions to her rented cabin when she gets lost. He embarrasses himself trying to flirt with her. When the cabin's plumbing becomes clogged, it is fixed by Matthew Duncan, a stuttering plumber with an intellectual disability. She rewards him with an abrupt kiss of gratitude. Matthew tells Johnny and his friends Andy Chirensky and Stanley Woods about his visit. Johnny, whose ego was bruised after the gas station incident, decides that Jennifer is snobbish and needs to be "taught a lesson". That night, the four men sneak into the cabin and taunt and assault her, although Matthew refuses to participate. She escapes into the woods and bumps into Sheriff Storch and Earl, the owner of the cabin. Storch takes Jennifer back to the cabin, but when he finds her drugs and alcohol, he casts doubts on her story. Johnny, Matthew, Andy, and Stanley return; all five men gang-rape her, including an initially reluctant Matthew. Stanley records everything with his video camera. Afterward, just as Storch is about to shoot her, Jennifer falls into the river to escape. A remake that surpasses the original, and is one of the toughest watches. Written by and executively produced by the original director, Meir Zarchi.

Steve R. Monroe
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