Shaolin Barz

Shaolin Barz

An evening dedicated to the underground hip hop! Regional artists performing the old school underground sound with raw beats and 90's Boom Bap. Get ready Breda, Hip hop is dominating again and this evening is going to be an experience you’ve never experienced before!

Jobbo Ft BobbyDeBeatbakker
A rap duo from Brabant who are working hard at their debut. With a blend of a jazzy and soulful sound in a 90's fur coat, they are ready to tell their story to the big audience. Lend your ear and go on a journey in their vision.

Get Ready for Reazy and his funky intro with all the classics from the 80's, 90's and raw tree baps scratching under his turntable needle. And to top it off some butter smooth R&B record of famous and less famous artists from the culture that we call hip hop!

Vin Arge
As his beat conquers like a French colony, Vin Arge’s voice flows and relaxes like a Dutch reggae band. Alternative hip hop at it’s best, keeping it quirky, genius and crazy at the same time. Named ‘Rookie of the Year’ by Diggy Dex, but with several shows last year at ‘To The Max’, including ‘Woo Hah!’ and his new single ‘Naast Me’ (produced by BigNutzBeatz), he is on his way to become a legendary veteran.

Red Ribbon Army
In 2012, Broes Weeyn, Dat Guy, Monk and Jonasty were the heroes of the Limburg province hip-hop scene with their video 'Save De Dag'. The Red Ribbon Army took you back to the 'Fresh Prince' 90's. With the audio production of Sneadr, the scratches of Vieze Vingerz and camera editing by Simon Bus, they scored many respectable eyes. They played on 'Boogiedown', participated in the 'Great Prize of the Netherlands' and stood at 'Brrrap' and 'Definition of Hiphop' in 013. And now they’re back with that 90's vibe we all love, with their album 'Interracial' released on September 30, 2016.

With their hardcore beats, tough as nails lyrics, turntablism and an exceptional level of freestyle improvisation rap, GyverStyle have energized many crowds with their shows. As a highlight, McGyver, Rickz & Didier gained national fame being a part of the 30xPi tour of Grandmaster Def P(Osdorp Posse). The crew, from the Brabant province, also performed in 2016 for the preprogram of world-class rappers like Public Enemy, KRS-One, Movits!, MOP, Doppelgangaz and Mr. Lif. In 2017, they’re working on a new LP with a second turntablist (DJ NoLogo) and live beat maker (Ducaz).

DJ Azumi will make her debut as one of Breda's most fierce DJ ladies. She will take care of the after hours after the live acts. What she will be turning is another mystery but behold yourself. You do not want to miss this! One hour full of BUT-Urban sounds!

VJ Eigengeis
The visuals are taken care of by VJ Eigengeis, this dreaded warrior from Breda is one master of obscure video art. He knows how to intrigue and marvel his victims with an extensive arsenal of moving images without missing a beat. He has left his marks throughout the country, including in the Melkweg, Doornroosje and Paard van Troje. Now the battle goes on at Shaolin Barz and nobody is safe for the bright shades and shiny visuals.