Thriller - A Cruel Picture

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Rendered mute after a horrific assault in the park by a sadistic old paedophile, young Madeleine tries to escape the traumatic experience living in silence in her parents' farmhouse. However, things will take a turn for the worse, when an innocent offer for a lift by a handsome stranger in a flashy sports-car leads to a nightmarish life of prostitution, abuse, and drug addiction. But when Madeleine finds out her evil pimp's cruel scheme, an irrevocable course of sweet retribution and a deadly sawed-off double-barrelled shotgun will inevitably set the stage for a bloody roaring rampage of revenge. And then, no one will ever dare to harm her again. The iconic appearance of Cristina Lindberg with her angelic face, long leather coat and eyepatch has often been copied and influenced the look of Kill Bill, among others.

Bo Arne Vibenius
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