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Shorts Block 2 - Mean Girls

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Sun, 5 sept 2021
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The Mean Girls

This block is dedicated to all the mean girls in high school. To the snide comments they made about your clothes. To the look of disgust they gave you when you asked them out. To the flock of worshipers who followed them around. These short films are for them and for you!

Home (14)
A man is being blackmailed by his smart home system.

Green Cobra(13)
With some help of Russian mob clients, the Green Cobra details her rise as a “Life Ending Technician”.

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Red Light
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A famous social media influencer is on the way to a Hallowe’en party with friends, when stopped at a red light in a bad part of town, one of them road-rages with the wrong people. They end up handcuffed in a dark basement, where a card-carrying psycho unleashes his sickest fantasies on his victims. No one among millions of followers can help.

Alex Kahuam
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