Hard Times

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Best of 2022 BUT SHORTS

Film screening
Zaterdag 7 jan.2023
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-          Macronomicon – 5
Find out what happened in this cabin in the woods.

-          Welcome to Candy’s – 15

A story of true love… and violence.

-          Mondo Domino – 6
Escalation: the movie.

-          Deep Learning Death – 15
The story of a father, his son and their AI.

-          Part Forever – 12
A woman has a difficult time when she tries to say goodbye to her deceased sister.

-          A Modern history of Russia – 2

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Hard Times
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Shay, the happy-go-lucky last woman on earth, thinks the end of the world is great. She can do, eat, and wear whatever she wants. In fact, the only downside she’s noticed is that the apocalypse makes it hard to get laid. So when she stumbles upon a zombie-infested sex shop, she’s willing to take on its undead horde of Mean Girls if it means getting satisfaction.

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