Fuck the Fascism Paris

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Fuck the Fascism intends to expose the true story behind monuments that glorify genocides, tyranny and slavery; to raise public awareness about the national heroes who we praise, those men who our streets are named after, and bequeathed great wealth forged with robbery, abuse and blood.

This is the second episode of the Political-Porn Docu-Film project “Fuck the Fascism”. It was shot during the Porn Yourself Festival in Paris. It is also an open invitation to everyone who wants to participate, from all over the world, to film their actions and reveal information about the place where they materialize. The recordings would be adhered to the project, which is growing to be a series of porno-vandalic actions in a documentary feature film.

"We come out to the streets. Monsters, mutants, queers, sudakas, migrants, dissidents; those who wake up and want to wake up others. Breaking down the walls imposed by (dis)knowledge. We fuck back the glorified asses of fascist dignitaries, heroes of colonialism. We fuck them, and in the crime scene we ejaculate real history on their stone bodies."

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