FEM FEST 2022 - Day 4

Film screening
FEM FEST day 4

On day 4 of FEM FEST 2022, WORM’s Mariëtte Groot welcomes our one and only Roxy Woodward, film curator at our festival, and together they will guide you on a trip to the underbelly of X-Topia!

"Like last year, we treat you to a compilation programme with talks, short movies and film excerpts from the world of underground film, B-movies and cult. Because of this year’s theme Bodies in X-Topia, we selected works by female and non-binary film makers who are inspired by alternative realities (bright futures? dark futures?) but also film makers revolting against dehumanizing ideas of what a perfect body should be."

Ticket & info at https://worm.org/production/fem-fest-day-4-feminist-cult-film-night/


Mon 7th of March, 20.30  -  22.30hrs.

WORM Rotterdam

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