BUT@WORM: Son of the White Mare

Film screening
underground movie poster

In this dreamlike Hungarian folk myth, a horse goddess gives birth to three powerful brothers who set out into the Underworld to save three princesses from three evil dragons and reclaim their ancestors’ lost kingdom. Much admired by aficionados of the psychedelic and hallucinogetic substances, it displays beautiful and imaginative animation that appeals to all your senses. Why should folk tales not be about life, fertility, love and sex?

Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/oQpIt3WgDHg

Tickets are available via: https://worm.stager.nl/web/tickets/111161922


Wed 4th of May, 20.30  -  23.30hrs.

WORM Rotterdam

WORM is a Rotterdam based artists collective, a venue, shop, cinema and workspace for music, film and new media, with the world as its playground. Transgressing normal segregations between media, we represent the authentic and the unruly, the obsessed and the adventurers. Born under the stars of punk, dada, fluxus, situationism and futurism, WORM has grown to a tenacious organisation that combines the ‘do it yourself’ mentality of it’s ancestors with ultra-pragmatism. The output of WORM is film, radio, concerts, performances, webprojects, installations, cd’s and a 24/7 webstation. WORM focusses on OpenSource, recycled material, superuse, seriousness and fun.

Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 Rotterdam, Netherlands