What is BUTFF?

The Dutch film festival for B-movies, Underground & Trash Films!
Five days' worth of films filled with violence, absurdity, creativity and silliness!

We are looking for visitors who... :

• Aren't likely to scream at the sight of blood!
• Will be able to admire creativity to absurd extremes!
• Like to combine a cozy atmosphere with watching films!

At our festival we will exclusively show B-movies, Underground films and Trash Films. Films where the quality will not be found in the special effects budget, outstanding acting performances or even a coherent story, but rather in the unconventional. Unconventional techniques, presentation or content which bog-standard cinemas would not dare show on their screens!

…Scared yet?

No…? Excellent! Because at our festival we challenge you to see films made by young, experimental and passionate filmmakers who aim to tickle your senses in a way that is different from your regular Hollywood movie. Should you still let out a scream during the performance, though, no worries. We'll just crank up the volume so that no one can hear you.

Aside from films, we also have an extensive programme of shows, exhibitions and workshops. In part due to our wide spectrum of side activities, BUTFF is know as a great place for lovers of alternative music, petry and (performance) art.
Every year, BUTFF honours an actor, director or producer who has played an important part within our subculture. Examples include Albert Pyun (2013), Jörg Buttgereit (2010) or the King of Trash, John Waters (2009). And a year before him, we looked back on the works of David Cronenberg, Cyrus Frisch and Wenzel Storch.
Directors, producers and actors from all over the world have been known to flock to our festival to shine a light on their work as our special guest. Examples from previous years include Fred Vogel, JT Petty, Andrew van den Houten, Lloyd Kaufman, Wenzel Storch, Christian Veil, Adam Wingard, Javi Camino, Barak Epstein, Nick Zedd and Remy Couture.
Every year the festival hands out several awards for best director, best feature film, best short film, best student film and a groundbreaker award for a personality whose accomplishments stand out in our genres.